What we do

Our work has three main strands: 

  1. increasing involvement in Community Sponsorship across the country  
  2. supporting Community Sponsorship Groups to welcome refugee families to their local areas 
  3. developing the infrastructure for a national and sustainable Community Sponsorship scheme 

1- Increasing involvement in Community Sponsorship across the country 

We want as many people as possible, from all corners of the United Kingdom, to become Community Sponsors. Anyone can get involved – whether you’re a charity, a faith group, a workplace, or simply a group of friends or like-minded people.  

We’re spreading the word about Community Sponsorship in lots of different ways. 

  • We’re working with a wide range of partner organisations to ensure that we reach diverse audiences, from churches to mosques and from schools to businesses. 
  • We travel up and down the country to talk to people about Community Sponsorship and regularly chat to people over the phone. We’re always keen to hear from anyone who’s considering Community Sponsorship. Find out how to contact us here
  • We’re publicising Community Sponsorship on our social media platforms. Use #CommunitySponsorship to get involved in the conversation. Like us on Facebook. Follow us on Instagram. Tweet us on Twitter

2- Supporting Community Sponsorship Groups to welcome refugee families 

Community Sponsorship Groups that want to welcome refugee families to their local areas have to apply to the Home Office. Along with our partner organisations, we can support your Group through every stage – right from your first group meeting all the way to greeting the refugee family at the airport.  

We provide this support in lots of different ways, including via:  

3- Developing the infrastructure for a sustainable Community Sponsorship scheme 

We want to see Community Sponsorship happening on a large scale for the long term. This means that we need an application process that is straightforward and time-efficient. We also need strong support networks for community groups so that it is easy to access advice and support. 

We’re working closely with the Home Office to develop an efficient and straightforward application process. We’re also working with organisations across the country to ensure that every community group, regardless of their location, has access to tailored support from knowledgeable sources.  

One of the ways that we do this is through the Community Sponsorship Stakeholder Group, where members of Community Sponsorship Groups, resettled refugees and other stakeholders meet with the Home Office.