Why our work matters

We are in the midst of the worst humanitarian crisis of our generation. More than 68.5 million people have been forced from their homes.  

The UK is contributing to the international relief effort by resettling 23,000 of the most vulnerable refugees. These refugees are identified by the United Nations’ refugee agency, UNHCR, as being in urgent need of resettlement in a safe country. They have all been affected by the Syrian crisis, although they may not all have Syrian nationality. Many have lost their homes and their loved ones and have found themselves living in conditions that make it impossible to live a normal life, free from danger and fear. As a Community Sponsor group, you can offer a place of safety to a vulnerable refugee family and provide them with the tools to rebuild their lives.  

What makes Community Sponsorship so special is that it creates bonds between refugees and the local people living in the host community – people just like you. These bonds change the lives of the refugees at the same time as they transform our communities for the better. The refugees will have a community supporting them to find accommodation, learn English, make friends, and access job opportunities, while communities will discover the power of coming together and putting the values of compassion, tolerance and empowerment into practice. At Reset, we’ve seen communities transformed by the new friendships and skills that are created when you become a Community Sponsorship Group.