About Reset Communities and Refugees

We are currently in the midst of the worst humanitarian crisis of our generation, with more than 40 million people losing their homes and their communities. The UK is part of an international relief effort, resettling 20,000 refugees affected by the Syrian crisis, each year. Reset is shaping the UK’s community response to this crisis. By building on the existing goodwill and compassion of people across the country, we are encouraging communities to come together to welcome, support and help refugee families as they rebuild their lives in the UK.

All the refugees arriving in this country will have suffered the loss of their home. Many will have lost loved ones, friends and family, and witnessed the horrors of war. We know that many people in the UK are keen to help. Reset was set up to mobilise the skills and resources of charities, businesses, faith and community groups to support a community-led resettlement programme.

It is working closely with a range of organisations, including The Archbishops' Council of The Church of England, CHARIS, Caritas Social Action Network for the Catholic Church, the Good Faith Partnership, King's Arms Project, Mercy Mission, Refugee Action, Refugee Council, The Salvation Army, Scottish Refugee Council, Social Finance, Sponsor Refugees and For Refugees.

How we can help you

Reset and its partners can help you through each step of the sponsorship process, from preparing the application to supporting the family after arrival. Acting as a community sponsor to a resettled family is hugely rewarding, but it is also a significant responsibility. To make sure that you are prepared to resettle a family, your group will need to create a clear plan for how you will resettle and integrate the family into a safe and supportive environment. This will involve:

  • showing that your group (or its partners) have experience working with vulnerable people
  • finding and securing suitable housing
  • getting the permission of your Local Authority
  • demonstrating that your group has funds available to respond to any needs not covered by the benefits your family will receive.

In addition, your group will either need to be, or be partnered with, a registered charity or community interest company (you can even set up a new charity for your group). Working towards meeting these requirements takes time, as well as a little effort, motivation and goodwill. Reset is here to ensure you get the support and training you need to participate in this rewarding scheme.


Partner organisations