About Reset Communities and Refugees

Reset is the charity leading the Community Sponsorship movement throughout the UK. If you’re new to Community Sponsorship, why not take a minute to learn about the programme here

Our mission is to see as many people as possible getting involved with Sponsorship and welcoming refugee families into their communities.  

There are three main ways that we are working to make this vision a reality. 

  • We are raising awareness of Community Sponsorship across the country. 
  • We are supporting community groups on their journeys towards welcoming refugees into their local areas. 
  • We are listening to and gathering the experiences of sponsor groups and sponsored refugees. We are conveying their views to the Home Office in order to shape the development of Community Sponsorship on a national scale and in the long term. 

We work with lots of different organisations all over the country to perform our work, from churches to mosques, from local authorities to universities, and from businesses to schools. We are currently funded by the Home Office and philanthropic organisations.